Scroller Tents

Are you still pulling a heavy, unstocked structure that has lots of parts and a cloth that has long since lost the shine of its former glory? Then it's time to get a new party tent, go to the world and show your competitors that you're still in the game and you can make yourself visible while not throwing the roof on your head. Our products have a sturdy and durable aluminum construction, which is not only light and in one piece, but also in storage and can be put all the way into the packaging.
Just choose
Isn't it amazing if you can arrange everything according to your own ideas? We think so too, and according to this we have customized our assortment. Choose from 20 colours to suit your taste, and feel free to make your own printing. Of course, we understand that this may not be enough, so look at the offer of accessories, there should be everything that is connected with our product and what can complement it to the absolute perfection.