S R.O.

It is an act necessary for physicspersons who have a business purpose, they want to implement under the banner of their own company. The following acts must be performed for this operation, preferably through a lawyer's office, which works with the commercial law and you can be assured of its robustness.

All documents needed to establish the founding The following shall be drawn up by a representative of the solicitor, who may, after having agreed to you, arrange an appointment with the notary, to participate in and, in the aftermath of arranging the delivery of documents necessary for the establishment of the s.r.o. to the danéinstitution.

Start conditions

Here you will find the basic conditions for founding of the S.R.O.
1) Closure of community contracts by Notarial Act
(2) The constituent or part of the basic company
3) Acquisition of trade licences (trade certificates, etc.)
4) Registration of the company in the commercial register
5) registering the company with the tax authority